Failure (1988)

A Proposal For A System To Replace Phonograph Record Merchandising (conclusion p. 340)

Most of the hardware devices are, even as you read this, available as off-the-shelf items, just waiting to be plugged into each other in order to put an end to the record business as we know it.

— Frank Zappa in The Real Frank Zappa Book (buy), By Frank Zappa with Peter Occhiogrosso.
(1988, Copyright © 1989 by Frank Zappa. A Touchstone Book, published by Simon & Schuster.) Chapter 18. Failure.


Music in 1989: How to get an audience…

Frank Zappa, Larry King, CNN, 1989

Frank Zappa, influence dans la culture du logiciel libre ? ⚓

Zappa Picture
Frank Zappa et son Synclavier

Outre le fait que Frank Zappa était un homme d’affaires brillant et qu’il ne fait aucun doute à mes yeux qu’il aurait totalement abordé la révolution culturelle engendrée avec internet (je reviendrai éventuellement là-dessus… il a dit beaucoup de choses très intéressantes au sujet de la distribution de la musique) — il apparaît qu’on pourrait aussi entrevoir son influence culturelle dans la communauté du logiciel libre. C’est ce que décrit Robin Miller dans Frank Zappa Influence’s on Linux.

And all this Zappa stuff has what, exactly, to do with Linux? Zappa may have been as much of an influence on Linux and FOSS development as LSD was on Apple, although the Zappa influence on Linux isn’t thought about as much as the Apple-counterculture connection.

Il explique aussi plus loin,

Is “Yellow Snow” specifically about Adobe? Or, as long-time Linux hardware builder and hosting service owner Joe Volodarsky asserts, about all proprietary software companies?

I have heard Joe sing this song while assembling custom computer systems (and loading them with Linux). He’s the kind of guy who has a whole server dedicated to his MP3 collection, and a large part of that collection is Zappa stuff.

But Joe is not just a system builder. He is also an amateur philospher who has been working with Linux since the days when he had to write his own drivers more often than not to produce workable systems for his high-end customers. And this is why he can say, with total authority, that Zappa’s “Dinah-Moe Hummm” is totally about Linux, at least in spirit, while the song “Montana” with its talk of zirconium-encrusted tweezers and dental floss, “is obviously about Mac users.”

Et là je dois dire que ça m’a bien fait rire… c’est un peu tiré par les cheveux évidemment, mais le message s’applique un peu aussi :-)

Et puis je dois avouer que je me suis totalement reconnu… ayant moi aussi mon propre serveur avec ma collection de musiques, avec énormément de Frank Zappa dedans! D’ailleurs à ce propos, si vous êtes intéressés, il existe un très bon site de partage de bootlegs (qui a un accord plus ou moins officiel — je n’ai pas trop pigé — avec le Zappa Family Trust).

Zappateers, tracker de torrents Frank Zappa, bootlegs, etc. (inscription nécessaire pour l’utiliser)